Unleashing the Outlaw: Is VALORANT Ready?

Unleashing the Outlaw: Is VALORANT Ready?

Hey VALORANT squaddies! The buzz is real because Episode 8 Act 1 is sneaking up on us. Brace yourselves for some serious game-changers, including fresh maps and spicy character tweaks. But here’s the headline – Outlaw, a brand-new gun, is joining the VALORANT arsenal for the very first time. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and figure out if Outlaw is about to tip the scales of power.

Outlaw’s Grand Entrance

Hold your breath, because Outlaw is making its debut in VALORANT on Jan. 9. This gun had us intrigued a while back with a sneak peek in a beta test video. We got a glimpse of the cost and a basic idea of its appearance. Now, the burning question is: How much havoc can this Outlaw really wreak in the game?

The Outlaw Stats: Decoding the Power

So, let’s get to the numbers. Leak alert! A headshot from the Outlaw packs a punch at 238 damage, body shots do a decent 140, and even a leg shot dishes out 119 damage. Now, if your foe is rocking a half shield, that leg shot won’t be a mercy. They’ll be left with a measly 6 Health Points. But here’s the kicker – anywhere else, and it’s a one-shot kill.

But why these specific damage digits? Blame it on the half-shield meta. We’ve dug into this in our previous piece (check it out for the deep dive). In a nutshell, the pros were opting for half shields over full shields. These flips the script, nudging players toward the full shield, costing them a hefty 1000 credits each round. Sneaky, right? So, while these might seem like the new sheriff in town, it’s playing its part in leveling out the meta madness.

The Essentials: Ammo, Equip Time, and More

Let’s check Outlaw’s vital signs. It rolls with a mag size of 2 and keeps 10 bullets tucked away for a rainy day. Equip time is a swift 1.25 seconds, and the fire rate clocks in at 2.75 seconds. Now, here’s the price tag – snagging the Outlaw will set you back 2400 credits. It shares the one-scope-level vibe with the Marshal but adds a little twist. Unlike the Marshal and Operator, the Outlaw doesn’t break its zoom when you squeeze the trigger.

The Outlaw Balancing Act

Now, is Outlaw strutting onto the scene as an overpowered game-breaker? Not quite. Despite the initial shockwaves it might send, brings a dash of equilibrium to the meta chaos. It nudges players toward that full shield investment, shaking up their NIAGASLOT credit strategy. It’s not just about firepower; it’s about playing the economic game right.

Ready or Not, Outlaw’s in Town

As VALORANT addicts, we’re itching to see how the Outlaw shakes up the game dynamics. Episode 8 Act 1 is just around the corner, and with Outlaw in the mix, we’re in for some exciting matches. Strap in, gear up, and get ready for the Outlaw to make its mark in the VALORANT showdown. The battleground awaits, and the Outlaw is ready to play. See you in the game, legends!