Apex Legends Makes a Change: No More Controller ‘Tap Strafe’ and Configs

Apex Legends is experiencing a significant event that is taking place right now! The team that is responsible for the game, Respawn, is now working on several changes that will have an impact on how players move and play. Let’s have a conversation about these alterations and figure out what they’ll entail for the game.

Saying Goodbye to ‘Tap Strafe’ on Controllers in Apex Legends

If you play Apex Legends, you can do something special called the “tap strafe.” Thanks to this feature, players can make sharp, quick turns while they play. This move is most often made by players who use a Mouse and Keyboard (MNK). However, some people who use controllers have found a way to do it too by using “Steam configs.” Because of these settings, they can quickly repeat some orders, which lets controllers do “tap strafe.”

From now on, though, this move will no longer work on controls in Respawn. They took it out because they thought it wasn’t supposed to be there. This way, they can make sure that every player has an equal chance to win and no one has an unfair edge.

Putting a Stop to Chaining Configs

But that’s not all – Respawn is also tackling another issue called “config chaining.” Players were using config files to automate movements, reduce recoil, and get other advantages. Respawn is saying no more to this practice, making sure everyone plays the game fairly.

The ‘Input Debate’ and a Balanced Game

In the gaming world, there’s an ongoing discussion about what’s better: using a Mouse and Keyboard or a controller. Some say that certain moves, like ‘tap strafe,’ give an advantage to Mouse and Keyboard users. By removing ‘tap strafe’ from controllers, Respawn is trying to make the game more balanced for everyone.

A Fair Playground for Everyone

The main idea here is fairness. Respawn wants to make sure that all players have an equal chance to win. By removing ‘tap strafe’ on controllers and stopping the use of certain config files, they’re making sure the TOGELASIABET game is fair for everyone.

Looking Forward: What’s Next for Apex Legends

As Apex Legends keeps growing and changing, Respawn is working to make the game better for everyone. These recent changes show that they care about fair play and want the game to be about skill and strategy, not about tricky moves or advantages.

While some players might talk about these changes, it’s all about creating a fair and fun environment. Apex Legends is gearing up for a future where winning is all about how well you play and compete fairly. So, get ready, Legends – the game is getting even more exciting, and a new era is starting in the world of Apex!