Event: Subjectivities, art, politics

Event: Subjectivities, art, politics

An event organized by the team of the international research project Learning from documenta in collaboration with TWIXTLab, will be held on Friday April 28th, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

This event aims to approach the experience of subjects and locate them in the cross-cut between political action and art institutions in Athens during the financial crisis. We will try to highlight the ways through which personal critical stances are transformed through art institutions into a politics of art.

Participants can join one of the two “tables” of conversation opened by three short presentations. During the discussion, participants can move from table to table. Afterwards, the coordinators will summarize the discussion to all present, and open for public comments. Throughout the duration, three videos from contributing artists will be screened, contributing to the conversation.


Discussion a. Subjective experiences from art institutions

Themis Pantazakos (Ph.D. candidate at University College London), “Me and my friends in the Biennale (and other monsters)”

Dimitris Babilis (Dramatologist, Director), “POV documenta”

Paris Legakis, “Fear and Ethics”

Coordination: Aris Anagnostopoulos (anthropologist, historian)

Discussion b. Art institutions and politics

Christina Thomopoulos (visual artist), “Sociopolitical art: where, how, when and until when, by whom and for whom?”

Orestis Chrysikopoulos (investigator of contemporary artactivist groups),“Basic survival principles for a critical artwork inside the world of institutions”

Hypatia Vourloumis (performance theorist, International Center of Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies),“Without Subject”

Coordination: Elpida Rikou (anthropologist, visual artist)


Panos Sklavenitis (visual artist), South – Thoughts on a European Geography of Over and Under, Video, 05:41.

Persa Mytrsou (visual artist), The Sisterhood Intifada – Ayşenur Babuna on Hunger Strike

(video about The Babuna Sisterhood Intifada, ca. 7-10 mn)

Vassileia Stylianidou (visual artist), A CLOUDish wALL IS HAUNTING THE WORLD”, 2015

The event will take place at TWIXTLab, Empedokleous 19, Pagkrati. A party will follow the event.

The discussion will be conducted in Greek.

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