29.09 – 02.10.2016 | “Art and Anthropology research kit” Workshop

Art and Anthropology research kit” is the title of a four-day workshop that took place between September 29 and October 2 and gave the Learning from Documenta team plenty of feedback and ideas to use in the creation of the project’s theoretical and methodological tool kit. The aim was to engage with methods and skills that draw from diverse fields of knowledge (such as anthropology, visual/digital/video/sound Art, history of art, photography, design, dancing and performance studies) and combine them in our research. The challenge was to try to go beyond the boundaries of our respective fields of expertise, not only to be acquainted with new ideas and ways of doing things, but also in order to rethink the terms we normally use within our respective fields of research. The last day of the workshop we had the opportunity to try out the various methods we were introduced to and apply them in gathering and analysing research material in innovative ways. This gave us also the opportunity to move towards a collaborative research model that moves away from the dominant single-research model we are used to follow.

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